Monday, January 11, 2010

All That Dirt . . . More Thankfuls

Okay, so I absolutely think Church is genius. I'm so thankful God thought it up. However, I'm not a pure congratulant of the current day system nor would I attest to its perfection. I've seen several blots of impurity within my own church. The Fellow that preached this past Sunday said that a lot of the people he works with claim they don't go to church because it's full of hypocrites. (Fellow wanted to ask them how they knew that?? Smile). But as I was sitting in that wood pew, I found myself agreeing with him. Oh how often do we wear the facade of everything's-right-in-the-world or the what-do-you-mean-it-looks-like-we've-been-upset-lately? or the of-course-I've-got-it-all-together? Hypocrisy isn't just going to church and then stealing from your company the next day. Can't hypocrisy also be looking like you have it all together when you're following apart? Now, maybe I have it wrong, and if I do, I'd love to know . . . but somehow, these pieces aren't lining up. Y'all, church is a group of stained and broken people rescued by a prodigious grace from the Shepherd, the Lover of our souls. We're KIDS, y'all. Children of the King, and I'm so proud of that! But I'm also so grateful that we don't have to be perfect or completely fixed on this earth.

Well, that same Sunday even before the sermon during sharing time, another guy stood up and said something that spoke in a quantity of soul decibels . . . "We are all made from the same clay." How true!!! That's something I suppose I've know all along, but to put it into words was brilliant and hit home. That's so incredible, y'all! It means that we often all struggle with similar things, that we all have bad days sometimes, that sometimes we have trouble getting out of bed in the morning and facing another day, that sometimes we break our hearts and stub our toes on each other. It means we're all imperfect and in need of that measureless grace. It means we can all stand on level ground, right? And we can do life together, through the sticky and the smooth, the sun rays and the shadows. alleluia. So, today I'm thankful for many things, but here's a few . . .

361. That as Christians, we're just kids of God . . . God doesn't ask us to become perfect before we become His, but after we've been adopted, He works in us and molds us on that Potter's Wheel of His.

362. A note from Her . . . I tell you, sometimes it's the simple written words and the written Word that make the best Gifts. <3

363. Laughing with friend and thinking of weddings . . . someday, Jesus? Teach me to WAIT!!!

364. Birthday party for friend and that smile!

365. Hearing couple's story of their journey through a marriage . . . and that rocky spot and that pure redemption.

366. Hearing Her tell me she'll be praying for me and this whole college search. Sweet love.

367. Those sweet cinnamon twists from a dear girl . . . unexpected graces.

368. His kindness and friendliness . . . God will reward him.

369. That God is GOOD. As one of my teachers speculated, can you even IMAGINE what it would be like if God wasn't good? Not to be harsh, but life would be living hell without the goodness of God!

370. That snowman He drew for me and that bag of goodies . . . sweet little guy! Blessed my socks off!!! :)

371. Talking honestly with Her and feeling some walls crack.

372. New words

373. My healthy salad for lunch today . . . I tell you, people, it's the little things!! :)

374. Working in the student store today (and NOT doing the change . . . haha . . . there are reasons for that! grin)

375. Photos . . . memory savers. <3

Happy today!!! Live transparently, . . . after all, it's all the same dirt. ;)

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