Sunday, January 24, 2010

Life Diffuses

Down deep deep,
Translucent wings flex,
And crack against the cold, hard walls
And breath is breathed
And life diffuses.

Down deep deep,
The incision has not yet scarred,
And pain steadily contracts,
And translucent wings flex,
And life diffuses.

Down deep deep,
A hand touches farther than good,
And its power is love,
And its power is pain,
And life diffuses.

Down deep deep,
I'm learning to fly,
But I haven't yet risen above
The spidery rain clouds
And the spongy sunsets,
And the lightening.
Oh the lightening.
But down deep deep,
His name is healing me,
And the pulse of His heart
Is the melody, ringing in my soul,
And I'm still not there,
And the wings haven't repelled me from
A barren ground,
But the walls are cracking,
And I will wait.
And someday,
Deep down deep,
I will fly,
Oh and I will soar.
Translucent wings shall flex,
And life shall diffuse.
Jesus, soon?
I. Trust.

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