Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Child Heart

I wanted to share with you an adorable story my mom told me yesterday. Now my mom is one of my heros. She's an RN (registered nurse) who is working for this little 10 year old boy with a ton of disabilities. I believe he has cerebral palsy (?), is legally blind, completely deaf, and probably has the amount of brain usage as a toddler. He must be fed and have his diaper changed. Well, anyway, my mom so very lovingly takes care of this kiddo around 2 - 3 days a week, and often times, she is able to get some smiles out of him. Sometimes, he even tries to wrap his arm around her. She's told me that sometimes, when he seems to be really uncomfortable, she'll say a prayer outloud for him (my mom is such an incredible prayer warrior . . . but that's another story!), and he seems to visibly relax. (Have I told you before that our God is a miracle worker?!)

The parents have this child go to a school for kids with disabilities where he's able to do some things. My mom normally goes with him during the days she works, and school is going on. I love to hear stories of some of the other kids that go to the school. They're so in need of love and so beautiful, even if the world has tagged them "abnormal" and "disabled." I think some of those kids are a lot closer to heaven than we are some days. Anyway, yesterday, mom was telling me a story about this little boy I'll call Justin. He's a young blind boy, maybe 8 or 9. Yesterday, he turned toward my mom and told her these precious words,

"Julia, I like your haircut."

Did I mention he was blind? :) I love how innocent and precious Jesus has made children. I love how He invites them close to His heart. I love how I am called to be a child. I am called to be innocent, moldable, teachable, obedient. Often times, I feel so child-like. So young. But sometimes, it's when I am young that I can truly experience the security and love of God Almighty being my Father. A precious, indescriblable miracle.

I hope you can smile today . . . :) May our child-hearts be turned towards the Light, the King.

Yours truly,
just Simply Danae

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