Monday, August 24, 2009

One Thousand Gifts

Today is "Multiple Gifts Monday" . . . a time to count the gifts from our Heavenly Dad's hand. I'm on my way to one thousand. Will you join me?

11. Fresh, buttery corn on the cob

12. Bright blue eyes of giggly Child

13. Streamers cascading and rising on ceiling, a surprise

14. A new day of summer vacation . . . only two weeks and a day left . . . each day a gift.

15. Answered prayer . . . a child has been found

16. Light shed on who I am . . . it's sharp but good.

17. Meeting Book-lover . . . soon to be friend Lord willing.

18. Fresh blackberries

19. Walking through a field in bright sun

20. Small, brilliant balloons

21. Visitors in Sunday School yesterday

22. Sister's birthday and life

23. Blog updates by Friend(s)

24. Homemade ice cream

25. The promise that "Jesus commands my destiny." alleluia

Put your hand to your heart today and feel its pulse. In VBS this year, one of the leaders told the kids that the beating of their heart was a reminder of God's incredible love for them. Feel it . . . may God's love pulsate throughout your heart and soul. Have a glorious day!

Yours truly,
just Simply Danae


cmb said...

That is a good idea. I really need to think of 10 blessings per day. It would really help me not be so selfish and such a whiner :) lol. God truly has blessed us. Today at work I was really thirsty while I was counting clovers and all I did was walk down the stairs, outside a door, to the employee frige and pull out my water. THAT'S ALL! And it seems so simple, but is such a BLESSING! Praise God! It's the "little" things in life that make such a huge difference!

danae said...

I completely agree - - it is the little things! :) I love it how Jesus is so involved with even the tiniest of details, ya know?

cmb said...

I totally agree. I've asked God to help me be more aware of those "little" things. It may change my view on a lot! It would help my be waaayyy more grateful!