Thursday, February 25, 2010

I [heart] Britt

All right, y'all, I have a new favorite music video that I think is a must-see. It's Britt Nicole singing, "The Lost Get Found," and it is FABULOUS! I LOVE this girl! And I love her brown eyes! And the color in this video!

And for those of you people out there who are sporting the brown eyes, I just want to let you know that I think they're absolutely beautiful! . . . Side note. :) I'm done now.

I love how this music video is based on her really taking a road trip, driving around to love on people. Please check out the video here. The music video actually starts at 1:55, but Britt spends the first little bit chatting about it. Good stuff.

When performing the song, "Safe" for Air 1, Britt was mentioning how she asked God what her purpose was, why was she here, and she felt Him tell her that her purpose was to love. Oh how beautiful. How real! One thing I'm learning is that people really just need to be loved sometimes. I mean, that's not all they need, but that's something they're starving for so badly. People need to know they're loved [me included], no matter what haunts them in their past, what chains 'em in their present, what they'll be marked by in the future.

I encourage you. Today, love. Don't tag sins on certain people . . . he's an alcoholic, she's a whiner, he's a porn junky, she's a glutton. NO, y'all. Look deep. Put on Jesus' eyes . . . He sees beyond the titles. He sees us as grimy, despicable sinners, but He also sees us as what we will be. They say the ground's level at the foot of the cross. Alleluia. Enough about that.

Okay, I don't know about you, but I'm inspired to take a love mission. To seek to just LOVE people, to embrace more, to look in people's eyes and tell them they're special, to pray more. Friday will be my love mission day #1. Remind me.


Taylor Becker said...

I love your blog so much!!! :) You are such a light, Danae!

danae said...

Oh Taylor, thank you so much for encouraging and blessing me . . . You are such a light too, and Jesus shines through you! Thank you for loving Jesus and loving others . . . it's an example to the rest of us! :) I hope you have an absolutely fantastic Friday! Thanks again!! :)