Monday, February 1, 2010

Beautiful February

I quietly visited Ann Voskamp's website, "A Holy Experience," again today . . . today is Multitude of Gifts Monday, once again. Her post for today makes me dream. :) Today's a new day to give thanks, so here goes:

391. An unexpected e-mail

392. Hearing Merideth Andrew's "Draw Me Nearer" . . . a beautiful song. Touched my heart.

393. Rocking back and forth to "Something Beautiful" by NeedToBreathe

394. Her face when we surprised her . . . 18th birthday. Happy day, beautiful girl! I love you, CB!

395. Semester finals . . . finished

396. The money raised from Church's garage sale . . . mission trip fundraiser

397. A beautiful new month

399. The verse she shared . . . Joshua 22:5 . . . yes, a perfect verse for a list-type-of-girl. [Love you, Miss "Caroline!" *wink*]

400. For the many people praying for me as I make decisions, big decisions. What a humongous blessing and grace.

holy experience

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