Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nails and Window Seats

And I wake up, the same casings and two-by-fours, but another nail more. Maybe some sawing will be done, some priming and rising of the walls. I'm not sure when the windows will be carefully woven into the sideboards, but that's okay. Rarely do I think of it anyway . . . the Carpenter's steady hand has become a pulsing beat that I have grown use to . . . and amidst each rising timber and beam, amidst the yellow and deep red paint, is the consistent hammering and hoping and song. "My love endures forever." Forever. A plank removed . . . pain. "My love endures forever, danae." An annex. A window seat. "My love endures forever." Sanding and furnishing. "danae, My love endures forever." Forever. Exactly what is forever? I don't know. But for some reason, I think that's okay.
But I do know that I am built on the Holy, blameless Son. He holds me together, holds me up, holds my ragged life in His strong hands. And that which is sagging is what I don't allow Him to be under, to lift up, what I need to surrender (thanks, Lael, for that reminder).
We are being built. I often forget that He's still working because it happens simply piece by piece, beam by beam, nail by nail. But, (side note) I loved what I heard once, that God sees us as what we WILL be. Thank goodness! What a gift!
Today is my last day of being *insert age here*. :) And I'm so glad the building isn't finished because I'm not where I want to be when my hourglass's river of sand has settled in the bottom. I want to be more selfless by this time next year, more reliant on Jesus. I want to be less lazy, more humble. I want to speak more Truth and be able to discern it. I want to trust. I want to me more fully danae. More built, more established in Jesus. More like the girl Jesus sees at the end of the line. Well, anyway, here's for my last blog post of my year. Adios, dear blogosphere. When I see you next, I shalt be another year older. :) Farewell!

PS Oh, I must note a very blog worthy occurrence. It is actually SUNNY in this rainy state!!!! Hallelujah. :) I was starving for the rays. :) smile. What a gift . . .

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