Monday, February 22, 2010

Listing Grace

427. Quiet mornings

428. That He desires to set me apart

429. Sunshine . . . what a blessing in a rainy state. :)

430. My "You are my dream come true" mug :)with lemon water in it. :)

431. Long letter from a friend that went deep

432. Cupcake surprises for my birthday . . . love.

433. Them singing Happy Birthday to me . . . I [heart] my class! <3

434. I survived my phone interview! :) We'll see, Jesus. :)

435. Those unexpected flowers

436. Autographed C.D.

437. Long letters.

438. That You are Star-Maker, Jesus . . . I'm so oblivious to how big You are.

439. That You are patient with me. Don't know why. Thanks. . .

440. The wedding and that they sang for me (even if I wasn't there . . . joy and grace).

I'm thankful for second chances and spring sunrises, that You don't leave me in the sea of emotional chaos and confusion, that You have claimed me and I have let You in and allowed You my heart's home. Please come in and destroy and rebuild and cleanse and heal. Show me how to be a sacrifice. <3

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