Sunday, February 21, 2010


Life, like a road trip before
Mapquest and Internet and Paved roads,

Life, about unloosening steady grip
And letting windows hang down
And hair fly through the air springs,
Complete trust.
And Wisdom.
Rolling up the glass when the
Exhaust fumes threaten to clutter lung.

I thought and hoped my life was ordered.
Multnomah University. Safe. Simple.
But was that Your voice that spoke another name?
I really want to go where You want me
(As Long As You're There . . .
Please Don't Send Me Where You're Not)
But I don't want to just go . . . there.
Scary. Not Safe. Not as You-loving.
Phone Interview tomorrow. Scholarships?
Maybe. Maybe an open door. Maybe His directing.
Through snow caps and sunny savanas.
Or letting me taste desert air.
So I can learn what it means to
Thirst for You, to
Render the wheel.
Obstructions and unplanned chaos.
Or is it Divine Order?
Viewed through my earthen lens,
Eyes peeking through a
Kaleidoscope . . .

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