Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Sometimes, I think I think too much . . . Smile. :) But really, I do. I'm such an analyzer, thinker, over-analyzer, you know. I think too much. But maybe a little's okay.

Like I'm thinking about the Christmas pageant. Do you know how many months ago that was? Actually, it's been a month and fifteen days since the last performance. [Is that weird that I know that? I mean, I did some mental math, but it didn't take that long to figure it out] It was December 16, 18, 20. The night of December 20th I was pretty much a train wreck. And then I got better, and then I'd dip into periods of mild "depression" and the memories stuck to me like autumn leaves on wet pavement. You know, it kinda feels like a dream. It's funny how, even after a month and fifteen days later, I still haven't processed the whole experience. OR maybe I've processed it way too much. Maybe I'm missing the big picture? Maybe it's all too simple that I can't see it? [I told you I over-analyze . . . *grin*]

I can't wait to meet Mary, by the way. We've got a lot to talk about . . . ;)

By the way, have you seen the rain recently? :) The drops were pouring heavy and thick and the sky was bright . . . reminds me of spring rain. I'm excited for spring. I see hints of it once and awhile. Maybe it's Jesus' hints to me . . . spring always comes. Always. [alleluia]

You know, I've noticed that I probably say "maybe" [a lot] and "I wonder . . ." a whole lot. I'm a dreamer child, I know. Wonder what the end result will be, Jesus? [I JUST USED WONDER AGAIN! Honest, I didn't think about it! It just came out! Weird . . . ] haha :)

Well, tomorrow I go to Multnomah. I'm excited. All prayers would be so gratefully accepted. :) Thank you!

This was definitely one of the most random posts I've ever written. but I kinda enjoyed it. Might have to do more like 'em. :) Have a lovely day!

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