Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 14: Inspite of Me

They say God uses the broken.

Yeah, not sure who "they" is, but I think they're right.

Abigail must have been broken in her relationship with a selfish, cruel man.

Rahab's heart must have been broken as a woman who had sold her life into prostitution but who dared to believe in Israel's God.

Ruth must have been crushed after losing her husband.

Brokenness. Weakness. Helplessness.

And God used these women miraculously.

God uses the broken.

One lady quoted Pamela Reeve in my ministry to women class . . .

"God works inspite of us."

And for some reason, that's stuck with me this week. There is no purpose for God to use broken, imperfect tools. He could work much better without us, but instead, Jesus uses the broken. Beautiful grace.

There are moments when I feel so used up or so unusable. Brokenness. But I wonder if I have a pretty limited view of how God uses us . . . When God uses us, He works inspite of us.

So friend, if you're feeling broken tonight, may Jesus hold you tightly. You are not beyond His use.  He can still do miraculous things in you and also through you . . . be open, love. Be open.

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