Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 9: Restore

The broken need restoration.

Restoration: "a return of something to a former, original, normal, or unimpaired condition."

Psalm 23 is one of my favorites. I know it's used all the time and is so commonly familiar, but to unpack the metaphor is absolutely stunning.

And ever since that night when I was stretched out on my bunk at a camp in the middle of nowhere, wondering what in the world I was doing there, and I read these words . . . they pierce my soul into healing.

"He restores my soul." 

God is the only One who can bring back my soul to what it is meant to be.

He welcomes the impossible cases, and to take my soul back to a restored state is an impossible case.

But He's good at that . . . the impossible things.

He is Restorer. 

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