Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 23: let the waters rise

let the waters rise
if You want them to
i will follow You
i will follow You.
- mikeschair

the waters are rising, and i wonder if the past weeks of incredible joy were the preparation, the rest, before it's time again for the dam to be opened . . . for the water to rise again.


okay, Jesus.

You and me. 

let the waters rise. it's okay.

but i don't want to say that because i think i can handle it. You know i can't. i know i can't.

but when You put me again back in these moments of dependence, like one of Your sons said, 
it's all worth it. and You will come like the spring rains . . . You're right here. :)


let the brokenness come . . . let the waters rise higher. "it's just You and me here now. it's only You and me here now." 

i am safe in Your arms. 

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