Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 5: Dictionary Definitions

Words are imperfect, incomplete shadows, but there is something powerful about finding a right word, a word that stands on its tiptoes to reach closest to the reality.'s definitions of the word "brokenness" help me re-evaluate this word and maybe brings me a little closer to what this idea really is. Here are some of its definitions:


ruptured; torn; fractured.
not functioning properly; out of working order.
fragmentary or incomplete: a broken ton of coal weighing1,500 pounds.
infringed or violated: A broken promise is a betrayal of trust.
interrupted, disrupted, or disconnected: After the phone call he returned to his broken sleep.
weakened in strength, spirit, etc.: His broken health was dueto alcoholism.
tamed, trained, or reduced to submission: The horse wasbroken to the saddle.
ruined; bankrupt: the broken fortunes of his family.

I want to look more into the idea of brokenness being a type of bankruptcy and emptiness, of it being an incompleteness. 

But until then . . . 

This is a song that has the word broken in it. Hahaha :) But really, it's a good one! :)

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Briana said...

I like number 4. We do not function properly because we are born with sin which was not supposed to be in our general make up. Speaking of songs with brokenness I thought I would share some more ;) Ever since you started this the word broken is more noticeable to me. These songs are on my sleep playlist and so as i fall asleep i hear the word broken. Love you sis!

This one just talks about healing but I thought it was fitting. Thank you for getting me stuck on Kari Jobe by giving me the CD ;) Love you :)