Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 17: Same Sun

This brokenness topic is spinning me dizzy. I was asked today if I felt like I've been broken through this process of focusing on this topic, and I had to answer that I don't think I'm as broken as I should be, but I do wonder if the Lord has changed me more than I can see at this point within these past 17 days. Regardless, I don't want to just experience brokenness for the experience . . . I want to do it/live it/feel it right.

Well, maybe what I mean by that is to respond to it well.

One of my Bible teachers in high school liked quoting Amy Grant in that "the same sun that melts the wax hardens the clay." Her point was that hard stuff can either bring us toward God and a softening or we can respond with hardened hearts.

In my brokenness, in the moments when I'm fully aware of my weakness and sin, in the moments of my wrestling (and sheesh, I have plenty things to wrestle over), I can either soften to God's hand at work in my life, to praise Him through it, or I can try to grab my shattered life and turn angry toward God. I can defend myself and blame the One who is purely good. I can argue against His character.

I don't want to do brokenness this way.

I want to be singing through the brokenness. I want to present each fragment into the Father's hands.

How will I respond to my own brokenness?

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