Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Lost Day 26: Feelings & Truth

So, it wasn't until the clock struck midnight . . . okay, it was after midnight to be honest . . . that I realized I didn't blog yesterday! Ah shoot. So, I'm going to try to do two blog posts tonight. Really fast. :)

So, here's to the lost Day 26.

I wonder if the Lord has been showing me about feelings this week. Oh My Sweet Goodness. And what a week of feelings. :)

I'm threaded into a post-modern generation. I believe in absolute truth for sure, but I am heavily influenced by my generation's culture and the way we prize experiences and value feelings. We're the "I feel like . . . " generation.

There are definitely really positive things to this, but there is also this subconscious suggestion that feelings equal truth, and that just isn't true.

Truth goes farther than my feelings. {postmodern generation}
It plunges deeper than my even my human logic. {modern generation}

Anyways, I know "brokenness" is used in so many ways, but it can be a feeling word for sure.

When we're broken, sometimes we don't feel like God is close. Sometimes, God feels like He's slipped out of the room. A passive-aggressive God who will not sit with me in my self-inflicted pain.

I don't think God's like that.

I believe He is holy. I believe He hates sin. I believe that consequences for our sin come.

But I think He remains true to His faithfulness and His love along with His holiness towards us in our moments when we arrive broken.

When I feel like running away from Him in my brokenness, will I run? Or will I stay?
When I feel like He is far away, letting me feel the shame as punishment for my sin, will I believe my feelings or question them?

YHWH remains consistent in His character . . . no matter how I'm feeling. Feeling does not determine truth. Jesus does. Even in our brokenness.

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