Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 15: Calling 11-99's.

One thing I've learned is that there is HUGE power in praying for each other with each other. I've especially noticed it in people praying for me.

At the beginning of this school year especially, there were issues I had to work through, and I wasn't sure how I was going to do it. Several times, I asked some of my close friends at college if they could pray for me, right there, right then, out loud. They were so gracious to do that, and I can't even explain how powerful it was and how I felt so much stronger and so much better after they knocked on Heaven's throne room and interceded for me. Seriously. As they were praying I felt better.

As the school year progressed, I stopped doing that as much. The "issue" I'm working through has gotten a little easier. I didn't feel as desperate. There was one time not too long ago though where I needed it again in regard to that issue, and I pulled one of my roommates into the nearest stairwell and just asked for prayer. That was really humbling for me, to ask that she'd pray, to admit that I needed. But it was so powerful, and I felt better afterward.

There is power in calling for backup, for others to pray. For quick reinforcement in the spiritual realm.

I found this on a Police Scanner Codes website.
A highway patrolling job can be quite hazardous. One can never know what danger may be waiting out there in the byways and highways. In case an immediate back-up support is needed, a mere “11-99” radio report is all that is needed. The station will immediately dispatch reinforcement to the location.

Sometimes, I need to call for an 11-99 (and I need to let my solid, godly friends know this). I need backup. I need others to stand by me and pray hard sometimes. This is humbling, but it's POWERFUL. It communicates that we need Jesus, that we believe He can help us, and that we believe what we need help in is worth receiving help for if that makes sense. It is so powerful. I want to get better at asking for "immediate" prayer, even just for what I'm struggling with. I also want to get better at making myself ready and available for friends who are calling silent 11-99's. It's powerful.Jesus listens.

(Kudos to the camp director who tied these two ideas together for me this summer, the idea of backup prayer warriors being on call as backup police forces are for each other.)

Thank You for the way that You listen and for the way there is such power in others praying for us. Please teach me to be real, to be attentive to those who need prayer. Thank You for listening to us, for meeting us where we're at. We really do need You.

I love You, Jesus. Please deepen this love. In Jesus' name, Amen.


Adrian McHenske said...

Yeah, this is tough. I think I all too often decide to do things on my own, but there's real power when people get involved praying for you.

bitnee said...

Darling, I am SOOO proud of you :) what a beautiful word picture. I am ALWAYS here for you :) and I will be your 11-99 WHENEVER you need it.

And Danae, Thank you for being my 11-99. You have been so much. I am so thankful for you in my life. ♥