Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 16: Open My Mind to Love You

I was at a women's conference a few years back, and one of the workshops was on prayer. It was so amazing. The woman leading it told us to look up when we pray and picture the ceiling of the building we're in removed, and there just up ahead before us is this huge, glorious throne on which God Himself is seated, and there are angels surrounding the throne. This is the place we enter when we pray. That was such a vivid visual for me, and I still picture it. I have to remind myself that it is real, that I am within the presence of God, and my prayers are reaching His ears.

I think this is what it means to pray continuously, to live our lives and our thoughts in this picture of the throne room. Or maybe a better way to put it is to open our minds and acknowledge Jesus' presence in everything, in every thought? What does it mean to you to "pray without ceasing"?


This upcoming week, I feel like I need to keep my 15 minute prayer goals (praying both in morning and evening). Last night, I think Jesus was speaking to me and telling me that because He has given me this particular part of my personality, I NEED to spend 15 minutes with Him every morning. It shouldn't be an option; I need Jesus in this aspect so desperately.

Oh but friends, I also want to be more aware of Jesus and prayer throughout my day. I want prayer to become an unconscious habit. THUS, I'm going to try something. This will probably involve a lot of failure, but I'll keep my eyes out for the success. :) Every top of the hour, I want to consciously remember to pray, even if just sentence prayers. I'm hoping that this will be a trigger, a reminder to send me back under the Lordship and the presence of Jesus. We'll see! :)

Dear Father,

It is so easy for me to forget You. Why is this? I need You so incredibly? Please, Lord, help me to be more conscious of You, to love You more with my mind. Thank You for listening to my chatter.

Thank You for the way You helped steady my soul in church today, that we could find a quiet place even during the service. I really needed to meet with You. Thank You for taking my worry. You are so good to me. I'm so glad to be Yours. :)

I love You, my Shield and Strength, my Protector, Father, Listener, Speaker, Friend. "More Love to Thee". In Jesus' name. Amen.

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