Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 8: He Hears Us

I have several stories of prayers Jesus has answered, but there are two particular stories I wanted to share with you! The first is the first prayer I remember God literally answering. The second is a silly answer to prayer that just spun me in circles, awestruck that God would listen to a little girl like me, praying the silly prayer I did. :)There have been a LOT of prayers that I've seen Jesus answering since then (and hopefully I'll get to share more stories later), but these were two that let my child-heart know that Jesus cares and listens . . . even to me.

The first one has to do with my violin. This story is so close to my heart, no matter how child-like it may seem.

When I was little, probably younger than fourth grade, I really, really wanted to learn how to play the violin. I wanted to learn to make it sing.

I remember going outside one day, walking around in the backyard, pouring my heart out to Jesus. I told Him I really wanted to play, that I'd play everyday if I could. Please, God? Please?

I don't know what sent me outside that day. I don't remember praying a lot outside when I was a little girl.

Well, if you move the screen forward a small matter of time, you'll see a picture of me playing in the playroom with my sister, and I hear something.

"Ssh. Briana? What's that?"

And I RACE upstairs at the sound of a violin. I figure my cousin is maybe here (he plays).

And I follow the sound, into my parents' bedroom. And there.

There, my dad is holding up a violin, trying to make some sort of noise come out of the instrument.

My eyes probably lit up like sunbeams when I found out that the violin my dad was holding would be mine to borrow from my cousin, that I would get to begin taking lessons from a lady named Marilyn.

And Jesus cared!! The God of the Impossible stepped into my life to hand me a gift. I still play violin, and I love it. It's a very special reminder that Jesus cares about me, about my dreams. He listens to my prayers.

The second prayer happened in junior high I think. Okay, a pretty funny story. During this time and into high school, I really didn't see the power of prayer. I prayed, but I didn't grasp the depth and power of it. Anyways, during junior high, I went with my choir to a music festival in Washington. Our choir stayed in a hotel room, and I remember being woken up in the night by one of the mom chaperones (not my mom by the way. wink.) snoring. Very. Loudly. And friends, I didn't know how I'd get back to sleep! And I was really concerned about getting sleep. :) Well, I remember praying in that hotel room, just asking Jesus to cause her to Stop Snoring! I was desperate.

And the funny thing was, . . . in just a little bit, the snoring stopped. Funny. Chance? Not at all. This prayer seems so silly, but it is a prayer that I look back on to remember that Jesus does listen to me, even as a young girl or a young woman.

We can pray like He's listening. Because He is.

Day 8 prayer: Self-Control.

Oh Father,

You are Sovereign Lord. Thank You for holding me in Your hands. You direct me and love me. Please keep me in Your path.

Sovereign Lord, would You please root in me a self-control. I can FAIL at this miserably, especially in my interactions with people, with stupid things like food and facebook time. Please forgive me, Lord. Holy Spirit, please put Your fruit in me, Your self-control.

Thank You for this day, Jesus. Please help me to follow You alone.

I love You. Teach me what love really is, God.

In Jesus' name.

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