Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 24: Reflecting Relationship

While I must say, it's been great, and I've never blogged so much in my life, I'm pretty excited that there are only 7 days left to this 31 day blogging challenge. :) Whew! :)

But on another note . . .

There were two special speakers that came and shared with the girls tonight at Multnomah, and one of them specifically talked about how in order to be who we are suppose to be with the Lord, we need to just keep being like Him. The point made was that we don't become who we're supposed to become by just doing and doing and doing. We need to BE like Him. The lady went on to express that in order to be like Him, we need to spend time with the Father, be in relationship with Him. She made the point that Jesus did it. He spent HOURS with His Father.

I need this too.

I need the real life relationship with Father God. This comes partly through prayer.

But I think I need to revisit what "relationship" is.

Relationship is living real, raw life with someone. It's letting them into your secrets and pain and confusion. It's speaking out to them when you're confused by them and even angry at them. Relationships are based on honesty and committment. Does my relationship with Jesus have some of these same characteristics? Now granted, a relationship with YHWH, Creator of galaxies, should look different than a relationship with man, but there should still be signs of a relationship.

Does my prayer life reflect relationship?

Or just a mirage of intimacy?

Something for me to ponder.

Oh Father God?

Where are we at? Please let me know and hear You. Let me be honest with You and hear Your honest responses. I am vulnerable right now. You are shielding me. Please let me pray to You in true relationship with You. What does this mean? What does it mean to pray to You like Jesus did?

Thank You so much for listening, Father, for the way that You redeemed today in many ways.

I love You.
In Jesus' name.

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bitnee said...

Oh Friend, It is truly incredible to me the fact that He could be teaching us the same sorta things at the same time. :) I have been feeling convicted of this in my own life for quite some time. The truth is, we do need to be dependent on Him in everything we do. He is that for us. We need that mutual relationship. :) Love you girl! keep it up! :)