Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 27: Trust & Prayer

"Prayer is the exercise of trust." - Clarissa Smith

My roommates are WONDERFUL, and I was asking one of them to randomly give me a quote on prayer, and those are the words she gave me. She makes a good point.

Prayer and Trust.

It made me think. If this is true, then it means that when I'm not trusting well, I'm not praying. Is my trust in God reflected in how I pray? Even in when I pray?

This also reminds me about relationship. I trust those in my "inner circle" of friends very much. They've proven that I can be danae, and that they'll love me regardless . . . no matter what that looks like. I trust them, even in my awkwardness and dorkiness and dirt. They still love. If they didn't, I would run away much more quickly.

But yet, I run away from Jesus when my sin slips in and entangles me. I run from Him when I'm distracted. This doesn't always bring me to my knees. I'm pretty sure that means I'm not trusting Him in this.

Do I trust that Jesus will take me as I am? Do I trust Him enough to run to Him when I'm not enough, when I've known better and done *fill-in-the-blank* anyways? Do I trust Him to do with me what needs to be done and to love me the way I need to be loved?

My trust should propel me to my knees. Back to that throne room. Thank You, Clarissa Smith, for pointing that out. I love you. <3

Dear Father,
I've run, huh? I've run from You because I don't feel like I've measured up. Sometimes I run because I don't want to change. But I want to trust You. With all my heart.

I love You.

In Jesus' name.
Amen. <3

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Briana said...

Wow Danae, this was SO POWERFUL! So true! It is making me check my life and that has so been the case recently. Wow, i'm so glad i read this and that you put it this way. Thank you for doing this. These lift my heart